Meet Us…

He Prints
He PrintsBrian - Printer
Ten things you should know about brian…

1. Huge Chelsea FC fan
2. Vastly experienced print professional
3. Wicked sense of humour
4. Dislikes rude people, manners cost nothing
5. Irritatingly high standards
6. MacMuffin Brekkie Addict! (It’s bad for you but oh so good)
7. He thinks George Clooney would be perfect to play him in a movie
8. Half decent golfer
9. Loves what he does, it’s magic, blank sheet goes in and tadaa!
10. Thrives under pressure

She Designs
She DesignsAlison - Designer
Ten things you should know about alison…

1. Can’t function until she’s had a morning coffee (or three)
2. Hates strawberries (they’re hairy like old mens chins)
3. Loves to laugh
4. Huge Leonard Cohen fan (no he is not depressing)
5. Adores what she does, every days a different project
6. Will doodle on anything…no page is safe
7. Is passionate about design and ink on paper
8. Hates to fly loves to travel (figure that one out)
9. Can’t live without books and her denim jacket
10. Ice cream cones are her guilty pleasure

The Key Smartimagers…

she looks after the numbers
Liz – Accounts 

1. Keeps us all in order

2. Big Take That fan (even without Robbie!)

3. Makes choccy biccy cake to die for

4. Ridiculously organised

5. Hands off her curly wurly

he makes things happen

Martin – Production

1. Huge Liverpool fan

2. Loves music 
(seriously he’s seen everyone live)

3. Eats, breathes & sleeps print

4. Bit of a gamer

5. Total perfectionist

she makes beautiful things

Sharon – Design

1. Loves her purple docs

2. Delicate touch with a pencil 

3. Demon rollerblader

4. Jam jar addict – think sustainable packaging people

5. She’s our thoughtful creative

eveyone’s girl Friday

Niamh – Design

1.  Makes a mean packaging render

2.  Crazy idea queen

3.  Adrenalin junky

4.  So young and yet so wise

5.  Speaks social media like a language